Eyeglass Collection & Distribution

Lions clubs throughout the District deliver the eyeglasses, hearing aids and cell phones collected from the public twice a year to a sorting center at the Maryland School for the Blind. Usable eyeglasses are selected and then shipped to the Virginia Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center in northern Virginia. They are cleaned, graded and cataloged for distribution.
An organization may request quantities of recycled glasses for mission use. That organization is responsible for:
  • Assuring that the eyeglasses will be given to the needy at no charge
  • Providing shipping instruction
  • Paying for the cost of shipping
  • Arranging customs clearance
  • Reporting the results of the mission within two weeks of completion
There are many eyeglass retailers who act as collection points for used glasses. Many reach out to Lions clubs in their communities to bring them to a central collection point. If you know an eyeglass retailer who would like to give those collected glasses to a Lions club, ask them to contact sight@LASHmaryland.org.