Hearing Assistance

The program provides low cost, quality hearing aids to needy individuals within the service area of District 22A. There is no limit to the number of times one may apply to LASH for hearing assistance. Individuals meeting the financial need criteria of total annual household income not exceeding three times the Federal Poverty Guidelines are eligible for assistance. There is no cost to the approved hearing aid applicant. The cost billed to LASH for the hearing aids depends upon the income of the recipient and the type of aid provided. The type of hearing aid provided depends on the nature of the client’s hearing loss. The price includes the aid, ear mold, fitting, instruction on care and use, and follow up consultation. LASH’s audiology services provider is the Speech, Language, and Hearing Center of the Towson University Institute for Well-Being. In most cases proper correction of hearing deficiency requires aids for both ears.

The cost of the hearing exam is the responsibility of the individual being helped. It is usually covered by Medicare or other insurance accepted by the service provider.

Referring clubs are requested to cover the cost of the hearing aids and services as well as any costs beyond the ability of the client to pay. LASH may be able to assist clubs with limited budgets. If there is no Lions club serving the area where the applicant lives, LASH will act as the referring Lions Club depending on available funds.

Hearing Aids Provided

LASH provides either new digital behind-the-ear or in-ear hearing aids with a full one-year warranty or reconditioned aids with a one-year warranty. The new hearing aids issued are either by Resound, or Rexton hearing aids from the Lions Affordable Hearing Aid contract. Reconditioned hearing aids are factory refurbished by Starkey and come with a one-year warranty.

Hearing Aid Repairs and other Hearing Services

LASH will pay for hearing aid repairs outside the warranty period and for other hearing services provided by the Speech, Language, and Hearing Center of the Towson University Institute for Well-Being. The same application forms and $25 processing fee are required.

LASH Hearing Aids Assistance Application Procedures

Please review and complete the following forms:

Submit the forms noted above and the $25 check/money order for the non-refundable application fee to the LASH Hearing Chairman at the following mailing address:

Lions Association for Sight and Hearing (LASH)
Attn: Hearing Aids Program
P.O. Box 821
Bel Air, MD 21014-0821

The LASH Hearing Chairman will review the application and, if the client is eligible, will send a referral letter to the Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic with a copy to the client, referring Club Coordinator, and LASH Treasurer. The Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic will not accept a patient without this referral.

REFERRALS WILL BE VALID FOR A PERIOD OF ONLY 30 DAYS. The client is responsible for making an appointment with the Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic. The Club Coordinator is responsible to follow up with the client to see that the client has made the appointment. If an appointment has not been made within those 30 days, a NEW referral number will be needed. The client will normally make three visits to the Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic: 1) testing/hearing aid evaluation, 2) fitting hearing aids and training on use and maintenance, and 3) follow-up visit for any further adjustments. The LASH approval letter is good for one year.

REFERRING CLUBS: When the hearing aids have been provided, Towson University will send a bill for services to the LASH Hearing Chairman. The LASH Treasurer pays the provider. If a club has sponsored the client, a bill will be sent to the referring club to reimburse LASH. The club sends a club check to LASH.

WARRANTY: There is a one-year warranty on the hearing aids. During the warranty period, the client returns to the Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic for any repairs or adjustments. After the warranty period, if the client needs repairs and cannot afford them, they can re-apply to LASH for financial assistance using the above forms. The $25 application fee still applies. There is no limit to the number of times a client can apply to LASH for financial assistance.