One Sight Program

The OneSight Program, a Lions and LensCrafters partnership, provides eye exams and glasses for needy children and adults. To qualify for the program, the party in need cannot have insurance that covers the cost of eyeglasses. Only those with no insurance or insurance that may or may not cover eye exams may participate. LASH administers the OneSight Program in District 22-A.

Individuals must also meet the financial needs criteria of earning less than three times the for the size of their immediate household. School children on medical assistance receive eye exams from that program. Students who are on the school lunch program automatically meet the qualifications required. Requests are evaluated one at a time for all other students.

Individuals seeking assistance should contact their local Lions club. The local Lions club verifies the financial need, insurance coverage available and whether the individual or club can contribute $25 for eye exams. If the necessary financial and insurance coverage qualifications are met, the club contacts the local LensCrafters store manager to determine the cost of the eye exam and glasses, confirm a voucher is available to cover the cost of glasses and arrange for the exams and glasses.

If a club does not have a vision assistance program or if there is no Lions club serving the area where a person lives, application may be made directly to the LASH Sight Chair at Lions Association for Sight & Hearing, PO BOX 821 Bel Air MD 21014-0821.

How to refer an individual to LASH for assistance:

The procedure for referring an individual to LASH for assistance requires

to be mailed to the LASH Sight Coordinator PO Box 821,Bel Air MD 21014-0821

Alternatively, the application process can be completed online here, and the application paid with a credit card.

The LASH Sight Coordinator will review information provided and, if client is eligible, send a referral to the local LensCrafters store with copies to client and referring club coordinator.

LensCrafters will not accept an individual without this referral. The referral is valid for 30 days. If the appointment is not met within that time, a new referral will be needed.

If you have any questions, email the LASH Sight Coordinator.